Nichia company led the LED market

Nestled in the mountains, Anan City in Western Japan is the headquarters of Nichia, the world’s largest manufacturer of light emitting diodes.

Founded in 1956, a private group of LEDs for use in smartphones, laptops, and car headlights.

According to LEDinside’s 2014 figures and niche market research firm TrendForce, Nichia holds 14% of the market share of the LED market. Followed by the Cree US company, and a unit of Samsung Korea.

Speaking of Nichia, you may know Shuji Nakamura, who shared the Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of the blue LEDs in the early 1990s. As a paving the way for creating white LEDs In the late 1990s.

Nichia has about 8,600 employees and annual sales averaging $ 2.7 billion. Analysts say their success depends not only on technology and patent rights but also on their investment flexibility.

As Asia’s premier player in LED TV displays. Nichia soon saw the decline of Japanese TV makers, so Nichia focused on turning the lights on to other portable devices, car headlights, and lights.

According to Manabu Arita, an analyst at IHS Technology, most Apple iPhone phones use Nichia’s LED.

Nichia currently faces competition from cheaper LEDs in consumer goods. But with the quality and innovative technology of the product they are still leading the market so far.

P/S: According to the most recent statistics from 2015, LEDinside Nichia continues to be the market leader in LED market by revenue and quality.

There is a lot of quality discussion about Nichia on the big forums around the world, you can see the quality of light, quality products are always consumers favorite. You can consult:

Lumintop tool– nichia vs cree? from flashlight

POTECH produces Nichia LED chip lights

At present, POTECH is producing LEDs that use Nichia’s LED chips, providing higher brightness, and long life (50,000 hours) than the market. POTECH is Nichia’s first official agent in Vietnam, making sure to say no to poor quality products.

With Nichia POTECH’s ultra-bright LED chip, we have developed dedicated products: LED factory lights, LED Street Lights, LED Floodlights, LED ball lights, LED industrial tube lights. Especially, POTECH has successfully produced fishing boat lights for offshore fishing boats to meet the electricity saving needs of millions of Vietnamese fishermen.

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