Highland Football Stadium – Ha Giang

Improving lighting quality and energy saving for Ha Giang Highland Football Stadium. The entire lighting system is designed and installed by POTECH to ensure the brightness of the entire area on the pitch, which is a great place to create goals on the pitch.


Talking about Ha Giang people often refer to the endless beauty of the scenic spots. It is a very beautiful place. Highland football field – Ha Giang is also one of the famous places that have held many large and small football tournament and POTECH is pleased to contribute to provide quality light source. High on the football field.

The stadium is designed to be a double yard with 2 yard size 55 x 35m and 6 height 6m high. In order to solve the problem of supplying enough electricity (to lower the power station) to illuminate the entire yard, the investor has decided to equip the lighting system of the stadium with LED lights of the dedicated. POTECH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

  • Number of lights used on the pitch: 32 sets
  • Power per lamp: 240W
  • Code number: PT-SPL-240-D38

Specifications of the lamp you can refer to: PT-SPL-250-D38 (new version 250W)


LED layout on the yard

Vị trí bố trí đèn trên sân

3D image simulated LED lighting over 6 columns

Mô phỏng chiếu sáng trên sân

The image simulates the distribution of light on the field

Mô phỏng độ rọi trên mặt sân

POTECH’s LED lighting system achieves high illumination, luminance and uniformity standards. Investors enjoy long-term technical value due to POTECH’s 3-year warranty and save up to 70% of electricity consumption (total installed capacity is 7.8kW).


COMPARISON OF ENERGYQuantityWattsWatts TotalSaving

Using - MH1000

32 1000 32,000 N/A


32 240 7,680 76%

Estimated full-time cost

Estimate project savings

3,165,866,667 ₫ – Tiết kiệm toàn thời gian
24,320 W – Tổng Watts tiết kiệm
273,530,880 ₫ – Tiết kiệm hàng năm
6 lần – Tiết kiệm thay thế bóng đèn

Payback with only



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